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PT6T-3/3B Bleed Valve Close Set Point Adaptor Part No. RTPT6-7502

Part No. RTPT6-7502

PT6T-3/3B BLEED VALVE CLOSE SET POINT ADAPTOR, Designed and manufactured as an alternative for Pratt & Whitney Part No. PWC70513. The adaptor and fittings are all stainless steel construction. Included with the adaptor is 20 ft of PVC tubing that stays flexible during cold weather operation. This adaptor and tube assembly is also available in a field ready kit, Part No. RKPT6-7502

Part No. RKPT6-7502

PT6T-3/3B Bleed Valve Close Set Point Field Kit. Included with the kit are the adaptor and tube assembly, Part No. RTPT6-7502. Along with hard storage case, set of tube clamps, owners manual and bubbler jar. The bubbler jar features a fill level indicator, push-to-connect fitting with an incorporated one-way check valve and air inlet diffuser. The check valve prevents water from been drawn from the jar in the event the sensing tube on the adaptor is incorrectly set resulting in a venturi effect on the sensing tube. The installed diffuser helps to prevents the initial rush of air flow from the full open bleed valve from pushing the water out of the bubbler jars vent hole.