Pratt & Whitney


RTPT6-7902, PT6T COMBINING GEARBOX CHIP PLUG SOCKET $75.00 Used primarily on the Bell 212/412, with threaded chip plugs, […]

PT6 Bleed Valve Tool Kits

PT6T-3/3B BLEED VALVE LEAK CHECK KIT Raekin Part No. RKPT6-7503 (KIT) Pratt & Whitney PT6T-3/3B Ref# Maintenance Manual […]

PT6 P3 Leak Check Adapter Kit

PT6T-3/3B P3 LEAK CHECK ADAPTER KIT Raekin Part No. RKPT6-7501 OEM Ref# PWC70797 FIELD-READY! JOB-READY! Kit Features: Nanuk […]

Bell Drain Tools

Raekin Drain Tool Features: Anodized 6061 Aluminum Finger holds for better grip Stamped part number for long lasting […]