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Bell 212 Blade Bolt Wrench

Features: Reinforced tangs Designed to hold the entire nut, providing more stability & prevents slippage Hardened steel & […]

Arriel 1 and 2 M05 Drain Tool

ARRIEL 1 and 2 M05 DRAIN TOOL Raekin Part No. RTARL-7203 Turbomeca Ref# TM1257G001 Features: Anodized 6061 Aluminum […]

PT6 Bleed Valve Tool Kits

PT6T-3/3B BLEED VALVE LEAK CHECK KIT Raekin Part No. RKPT6-7503 (KIT) Pratt & Whitney PT6T-3/3B Ref# Maintenance Manual […]

PT6 P3 Leak Check Adapter Kit

PT6T-3/3B P3 LEAK CHECK ADAPTER KIT Raekin Part No. RKPT6-7501 OEM Ref# PWC70797 FIELD-READY! JOB-READY! Kit Features: Nanuk […]

AS350 MGB Trans Input Nut Socket

AS350 MR GEARBOX TRANSMISSION INPUT NUT SOCKET Raekin Part No. RT350-6303 Eurocopter Ref# 350A93-3200-20 Features: Drive […]

AS350/AS355 Drain Tools

AS350/AS355 TAIL ROTOR GEARBOX DRAIN TOOL Raekin Part No. RT350-6301 Eurocopter Ref# 703A95-0505-00 Features Anodized 6061 Aluminum […]

Bell Drain Tools

Raekin Drain Tool Features: Anodized 6061 Aluminum Finger holds for better grip Stamped part number for long lasting […]

Bell 212 Draglink Wrench Set

BELL 212 DRAGLINK WRENCH SET Raekin Part No. RK212-6204 OEM Ref# AD 90-26-11 RAEKIN EXCLUSIVE! Reduce risk of […]

Bell Med Hyd Servo Align Socket Set

BELL MEDIUM HYDRAULIC SERVO ALIGNMENT¬†SOCKET SET Raekin Part No. RKBMD-2902 OEM Ref# BELL BHT IL 205-89-11; 212-89-17; 412-89-20 […]