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PT6T-3/3B Winter Slave Stop Part No. RTPT6-7602

Part No. RTPT6-7602 PT6T-3/3B Winter Slave Stop was designed and is manufactured RAEKIN as an alternate for Pratt & Whitney PWC32821. This slave stop is machined from stainless steel and identifier is laser marked onto the body. This item is sold individually or as a set of 2. Set of […]

PT6T-3/3B Bleed Valve Close Set Point Adaptor Part No. RTPT6-7502

Part No. RTPT6-7502 PT6T-3/3B BLEED VALVE CLOSE SET POINT ADAPTOR, Designed and manufactured as an alternative for Pratt & Whitney Part No. PWC70513. The adaptor and fittings are all stainless steel construction. Included with the adaptor is 20 ft of PVC tubing that stays flexible during cold weather operation. This […]

PT6T-3/3B P3 Air Leak Check Adaptor Part No. RTPT6-7501

Part No. RTPT6-7501 PT6T-3/3B P3 Air Leak Check Adaptor was designed and manufactured as an alternative for Pratt & Whitney Part No. PWC70797. The adaptor is constructed from aluminum, anodized and the identifier is laser marked. The connection air hose is manufactured from reinforce silicone which will stay flexible to […]

PT6T-3/3B Chip Detector Socket Wrench Part No. RTPT6-7902

Part No. RTPT6-7902 The PT6T-3/3B Chip Plug Socket features hardened steel construction with a high wear and chemical resistant yellow chromate conversion coating. This socket was designed to fit into the tight spots required for removal of the chip detectors and prevent damage to the detector housing or surrounding components. […]

PT6T C-Box Drain Fitting (Bayonet Style) Part No. RTPT6-7901

Part No. RTPT6-7901 This drain fitting features an anodized solid aluminum machined body with a nickel-plated brass Push-to-Connect elbow fitting. The Push-to-Connect fitting is installed for hose removal allowing for easy clean-up and storage and to only need a single hose for use with all your drain fittings. If you […]