Bell Drain Tools

Raekin Drain Tool Features:

  • Anodized 6061 Aluminum
  • Finger holds for better grip
  • Stamped part number for long lasting and easy identification
  • Push-to-connect fitting
  • Use with Raekin Universal Drain Tool Hose Assembly or most 3/8” OD hoses

Bell 212 TR 42/90 Gearbox Drain Tool

Raekin Part No. RT212-6301 USD$109  

PT6T Combining Gearbox Drain Tool

       Threaded Style, Raekin Part No. RT212-6302 USD $140

       Bayonet Style, Raekin Part No. RTPT6-7901 USD $140

Bell 412 TR 90/42 Gearbox Drain Tool

       Raekin Part No. RT412-6301 USD $109

Bell 206 TR Gearbox/Freewheel Drain Tool

Raekin Part No. RT206-6301 USD$99