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0-160 Air Pressure Filter Regulator Part No. RTGNR-7500

Part No. RTGNR-7500

0-160 psi, Air Pressure Filtering Regulator, Sourced, modified and assembled by RAEKIN. This Regulator assembly features a filtering regulator manufactured by Parker-Watts with locking adjuster, polycarbonate filter bowl assembly with 5-micron filter that meets or exceeds the Pratt & Whitney and Rolls Royce engine maintenance manual requirements. The regulator body has been modified for installation of the 2 ½” easy to read analog gauge which is manufacture by Ashcroft. Other additions to this assembly are the gauge protector, shut-off valve and ¼” ARO air coupler to help prevent damage if the regulator is improperly set prior to hooking up to shop air. Anodized and laser marked aluminum body.

For use with:

PT6T-3/3B P3 Air Leak Check Adaptor Part No. RTPT6-7501

PT6T-3/3B Bleed Valve Leak Check Adaptor Part No. RTPT6-7503

PT6T-3/3B P3 Filter Differential Pressure Check Fixture Part No. RTPT6-7504

250-C20 Pneumatic System Leak Check Adaptor Part No. RTC20-7501