Established in 2008, Raekin Design specializes in aircraft support tooling & provide clients with 3D digitizing & modelling to take ideas from the mind to design to prototyping to production.

We provide research, development, prototyping, manufacturing and distribution of aeronautical product.

Experience in aircraft maintenance provides Raekin Design with a unique insight into modification of existing tooling and design of new tooling to better protect parts and equipment from excessive wear and tear during maintenance, installation or removal.

From large scale AMOs to AMEs in the field we have insight into the challenges faced in aircraft maintenance and repair, recognizing equipment downtime equates to money lost.  We specialize in innovative design and products to enhance clients’ operational efficiency.

We have a variety of tooling and work aids that are exclusive to Raekin – designed, manufactured and tested.  When a job or repair is lengthy, complex or prone to error – we specialize in designing solutions!  We encourage you to contact us to find your solution!

Please contact us for quotes in CAD$